what we do

Your Team, Better.

We love teams. Our people work, play, and celebrate together. We love meeting new teams and creating that same bond with them. “Code Team Augmentation” doesn’t do it justice. We take the time to understand your team, your culture, your way – and then we add what’s missing. In a way that makes everyone better.

the process

Team onboarding

Intro meeting

Time to get to know each other. Time to explore the product. Check the vibe.


Estimated time: 90 minutes

Technical meeting

Test the product feasibility. Check if our expertise and your tech stack align.


Estimated time: 90 minutes

Resource estimation

Equipped with an initial understanding of your product, we work with your operations manager to identify the expertise and the seniority level that best fits your product stage.


Estimated time:  1 week


Now that we've committed to each other, we start building a team of dedicated experts committed to your project.


Estimated lead time: 4-6 weeks

Spinning up

This is where we learn to speak your language, your way. Slack, Git, Jira - whatever workflow, tools, and communication styles work for you, work for us. Now we are ready to build!


Estimated time: 1 week

Performance reviews

It's on. We develop our rhythm of regular reviews and constant communication as we work together to crush your goals.