We create together. solutions. connections. value.

our tribe

We are the restless sort. Mastering today’s tech is just the first step for us. We are constantly asking how can it be better? How can we improve it? What’s next? Experimentation is encouraged. Ideas are challenged. We push each other as we push the envelope of what’s possible.

how we grow

Respect. You, your time, and your needs.

1 step tech interview process

We believe in love at first sight. No pressure: you do you, and if it’s a match, it’s a match. We have high standards and expect you to as well.

Paid Time Off

20 days we all rest together (as required by law). Extra 5 more for you to pick on your own. No questions asked. Unless you post pics. Then we might need stories.

Unlimited home office

You are always welcome to drop by the office. To collaborate, celebrate, or just for the coffee. Or the company. We’ll keep your glass chilled.

Salary review and update

We want your skills to grow and believe your wallet should, too. Annual bonus in December and a chance for a bump in June.

Open positions

company bio

Who’s doing what


We make stuff, so most of us are makers.

Quality Assurance

It’s gotta be good, so some of us check our work.

Sales, management and operations

Let’s be honest: what we do is the hottest stuff on the planet, so it doesn’t take an army to sell it.

Long term relationships

Our people stick around. They’re good enough to work anywhere, yet every day they keep coming back. Why? New projects. New skills. New challenges. We keep it fresh so you don’t get bored.

(Our “No Assholes” policy helps, too.)

> 2 years

Don’t worry; we treat the FNG well

> 5 years

> 8 years

The hairs may turn grey or even fall out, but the skills keep growing.

The Mix

Juniors don’t stay that way for long around here. We are always helping each other grow, and always tackling hard problems. Wherever you start, you won’t stay at that level. We’re all about levelling up.

The Fun

Life is short and should be spent with people you enjoy. We enjoy each other, and we have the pics (and stories) to prove it. Here’s some evidence: